Ameiko Kaijutsu

Ameiko Kaijutsu, barkeep and owner of Rusty Dragon


Ameiko is an exotic beauty, with Tien features and a winning smile. Her looks are matched by her musical skill and most evenings at the Rusty Dragon feature at least a song or two by it’s beautiful proprietor.

The proud owner of the The Rusty Dragon these past six years, Ameiko is well-known throughout the city for three reasons. First, she returned from a brief adventuring career wealthy enough to buy the Rusty Dragon. Second, her exotic Minkai beauty and talent for singing have made her the most popular entertainer in her bar. Third, her hair seems to be in a different style and consists of a different palate of colors daily.

Ameiko left Sandpoint for several years to travel Varisia as an adventurer and returned rich and successful, with a desire to purchase and renovate Sandpoint’s oldest tavern. The Rusty Dragon is now the most adventurer-friendly establishment in town, with a ‘Help Wanted’ board and a room discount for anyone with an exciting story to share.

Ameiko Kaijutsu

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