Aldern Foxglove


Alderen Foxglove is a local noble who came to Sandpoint to partake in some hunting of his favorite game animal, the wild boar. He is a charming man, if a little effeminate. He happended to time his hunting trip to Sandpoint at the same time the most recent goblin invasions, trying to time his hunt with the Shallowtail Festival.

Alderan was saved from certain death from the goblins and he seems very grateful. He seems particularly taken of Leena, who he finds a most formidable fighter and an exotic elven beauty as well. Aldern has never been much of a warrior, so someone who has a level of charm comparable to him and someone who can handle themselves in battle (which he cannot) is most intriguing to Aldern. To his great vexation, Spike seems to interpose any attempt Aldern tries to be alone with Leena but any noble man worth his name would see this only as part of the game of the hunt.


Aldern Foxglove

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